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6:45 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
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7:07 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
Point Spread forecast: +1.5 (59%) on TB
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8:05 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
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9:40 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
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8:10 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
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Partizan@Dynamo Kiev (SOCCER)
2:00 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
Point Spread forecast: +1 (84%) on Partizan
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7:40 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
Point Spread forecast: -1.5 (34%) on PHI
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Sparta Prague@Shamrock Rovers (SOCCER)
3:00 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
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TNS@Ferencvaros (SOCCER)
2:00 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
Point Spread forecast: +2.5 (72%) on TNS
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6:40 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
Point Spread forecast: -1.5 (19%) on BAL
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Qarabag@Lincoln Red Imps (SOCCER)
12:00 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
Point Spread forecast: Locked
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7:05 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
Point Spread forecast: +1.5 (81%) on NYM
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RFS@Bodo/Glimt (SOCCER)
11:00 AM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
Point Spread forecast: Bet on Moneyline for Bodo/Glimt
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Jagiellonia@FK Panevezys (SOCCER)
11:30 AM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
Point Spread forecast: Locked
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Klaksvik@Malmo FF (SOCCER)
1:00 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
Point Spread forecast: +2.5 (55%) on Klaksvik
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1:00 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
Point Spread forecast: +1 (78%) on Petrocub
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5:30 AM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
Point Spread forecast: Locked
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Kiwoom H@Doosan B (BASEBALL)
5:30 AM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
Point Spread forecast: Bet on Moneyline for Doosan Bears
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5:30 AM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
Point Spread forecast: Bet on Moneyline for 34
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Fubon Guar@Wei Chuan Dragons (BASEBALL)
6:35 AM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
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Caliente de Durango@Monterre (BASEBALL)
8:30 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
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Toros de@Dos Lare (BASEBALL)
9:00 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
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Aguascal@Saltillo (BASEBALL)
9:30 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
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Mexico@Leon (BASEBALL)
9:30 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
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Quintana@Campeche (BASEBALL)
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Chihuahua@Monclova (BASEBALL)
9:45 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
Point Spread forecast: Locked
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Laguna@Jalisco (BASEBALL)
10:00 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
Point Spread forecast: +1.5 (86%) on Jalisco
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Tabasco@Oaxaca (BASEBALL)
10:00 PM ET, Jul. 23rd 2024
Point Spread forecast: Bet on Moneyline for Oaxaca
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San Diego Padres at Washington Nationals

Live Score: San Diego 0 Washington 0

Score prediction: San Diego 7 - Washington 5
Confidence in prediction: 46.6%

As the MLB season heats up, the San Diego Padres are set to face the Washington Nationals in the first game of a three-game series on July 23, 2024. According to Z Code Calculations, the Padres are favored to win with a 54% chance of securing victory. This prediction, however, comes with a caveat; there’s a low-confidence 3.00 Star Underdog Pick on the Nationals, indicating that they could possess some value as a long shot against the odds.

San Diego enters this matchup as they complete their road trip, which includes four of nine games away from home. Currently, their performance at away venues has seen them go through numerous ups and downs. The Padres will be particularly looking for a strong showing from their pitcher, Randy Vásquez. Although Vásquez hasn't cracked the Top 100 this season, he carries a 4.57 ERA, a stat that may haunt him against a Nationals’ lineup on a recent hot streak. Both teams are battling through their schedules with San Diego sitting at a 23-24 record on the road, while Washington sits at their 50th home game, reflecting their physical grind this season.

Conversely, Washington has rallied to five wins in their last six outings, including victories against a struggling Cincinnati team in their last two contests. This recent momentum will push the Nationals to chemical stronger resolve on their home turf, where they can harness the cheering fans to gain an edge. The latest encounter volatility shows Washington claiming seven victories in the last twenty meetings against San Diego, emphasizing their capability to punch above their weight in this matchup.

Bookies set Washington's moneyline at 1.930, indicating they could be worth considering as underdogs given their recent form, especially against a team like San Diego, limited by traveling and confidence inconsistencies early in this series. Observing the current trends, San Diego maintains a 67% winning rate across their latest six games, and history shows that home dogs in Burning Hot status have performed impressively — charting 2-0 over the past 30 days.

In summary, with the Torres walk approaching the field, San Diego—which boasts a hot streak—may very well show their potential to dominate, yet Washington's underdog status should not be underestimated. The predictive score hovers around a slight edge for San Diego, anticipating a 7-5 finish. Still, confidence remains at 46.6%, relegating this game to a delicate dance between statistics and unpredictable gameplay inherent in baseball. This series could prove to be packed with tension, but for those who thrive on prospects, the spotlight fall squarely on this opening match.

San Diego injury report: F. Tatis Jr. (Late July - Quadricep( Jun 24, '24)), L. Patino (out for season - Elbow( May 22, '24))

Out indefinitely: J. Musgrove, T. Cosgrove, W. Peralta, Y. Darvish

Washington injury report: C. Cavalli (Mid June - Elbow( Jun 08, '24)), J. Gallo (Late June - Hamstring( Jun 12, '24)), J. Gray (out of season - Elbow( Jul 19, '24)), M. Thompson (out for season - Elbow( Jun 08, '24)), R. Hassell III (End of June - Undisclosed( Jun 12, '24)), T. Williams (Mid June - Elbow( Jun 08, '24))


Tampa Bay Rays at Toronto Blue Jays

Live Score: Tampa Bay 1 Toronto 0

Score prediction: Tampa Bay 7 - Toronto 3
Confidence in prediction: 53.1%

The upcoming matchup between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Toronto Blue Jays on July 23, 2024, promises to be an intriguing contest. The game holds an added dimension of controversy, as the sportsbooks list the Blue Jays as the favorites despite the ZCode calculations pointing towards the Rays as the true winners. It’s essential to dive into the historical statistical model rather than relying solely on bookmaker assessments or public perceptions.

As both teams approach this game, their respective performances this season reflect contrasting home and away dynamics. The Toronto Blue Jays currently have a below-average record at home, sitting at 22-26 for the season. In contrast, the Rays are about to play their 50th away game of the season, showcasing their lengthy road trip with 5 of their last 7 games spent away from home. This voracious travel schedule could impact their performance; however, their experience could also work in their favor against a struggling Blue Jays team, who are on a 4 of 9 home trip thus far.

On the mound, Tampa Bay will send Shawn Armstrong to pitch. While Armstrong has not been a standout this season, with a 5.91 ERA and lacking a position in the Top 100 Ratings, he may leave opportunities ripe for the taking for the Blue Jays. Conversely, Toronto’s José Berríos, rated 52nd, boasts a more respectable 4.01 ERA, which could give the Blue Jays an advantage in terms of pitching if he finds his groove. Teams often rely on their starting pitchers to give them a significant edge, and this match may be gated by how well each pitcher performs.

In terms of their recent form, the Blue Jays have seen a mixed bag with a streak of W-L-L-W-L-L. Their last games reflect competing performances, slowing their momentum. In contrast, the Rays recently suffered a disappointing 1-9 loss to the New York Yankees but pulled off a solid 6-4 victory in the same series. Historical meetings between these two teams over the last 20 matchups show Toronto edging out with 9 victories, but past results cannot guarantee future outcomes, especially as they handle their home series for the evening.

Betting odds add an extra layer to the dynamics with Toronto sitting at a moneyline of 1.698. The calculated probability for Tampa Bay to cover the +1.5 spread stands at 59.1%. This makes the Rays a low-confidence, underdog value pick, which could carry potential if they are ready to snatch a surprise win. With an Over/Under line set at 8.5 and a projected 62.88% chance of hitting the over, fans can also rely on offensive expectations to amp up the action.

As the anticipation builds for what kicks off a three-game series, my score prediction oscillates toward Tampa Bay coming out on top with a 7-3 victory against the Blue Jays. Although my confidence sits at 53.1%, the clash is set to make waves, especially for those keeping an eye on the odds versus statistical predictions of the teams’ performances. The stage is primed for an exciting installment in the 2024 MLB season.

Tampa Bay injury report: D. Rasmussen (Mid Aug - Elbow( Feb 20, '24)), J. Springs (Early Aug - Elbow( Mar 15, '24)), S. McClanahan (out for season - Elbow( Feb 14, '24))

Out indefinitely: J. Waguespack, R. Lovelady, R. Pepiot, W. Franco

Toronto injury report: A. Manoah (out of season - Elbow( Jun 07, '24)), J. Romano (Late June - Elbow( Jun 08, '24)), N. Pearson (Ques Tues - Illness( Jul 21, '24)), O. Martinez (Late Sep - Suspension( Jun 23, '24))

Out indefinitely: B. Bichette, I. Kiner-Falefa


Houston Astros at Oakland Athletics

Score prediction: Houston 4 - Oakland 7
Confidence in prediction: 41.1%

As the MLB series continues, the Houston Astros will face off against the Oakland Athletics on July 23, 2024, in what promises to be an intriguing matchup. According to Z Code statistical analysis and game simulations, the Astros hold a slight edge, with a 55% chance of winning this ballgame. However, a notable detail is the 5.00 Star Underdog Pick indicating strong potential value on the Athletics as they look to gain momentum at home.

Both teams are entering this contest amid unique circumstances. The Astros, playing their 53rd away game this season, have struggled with a 25-26 record in opponent territory while on a road trip of 5 out of 6 games. Conversely, the Athletics are hosting this matchup as part of their own home trip of 5 out of 6 games, hoping to leverage their home advantage to change the course of the series. This game is also the second in their three-game set, heightening the stakes as both clubs vie for vital wins.

On the mound, Houston will send Jake Bloss, who has had a middling season with a 4.70 ERA and not ranking among the Top 100 pitchers. Opposing him will be the Athletics' Osvaldo Bido, who boasts a more favorable 3.44 ERA, although he too is absent from elite ranking lists. The key here may lie in which pitcher can effectively manage pressure, particularly with both teams currently ice-cold—Oakland winning 4-0 on July 22 but dropping the previous game 8-5 against the Los Angeles Angels, while the Astros faced their own slump with losses in their last two matchups.

Analyzing team trends provides further context. Historically, it hasn’t been easy for Oakland against Houston, winning only 5 of their last 20 encounters. Yet, after a spurt in performance indicated by their latest streak—W-L-W-W-W-L—Oakland is poised to surprise. Bookies reflect the odds closely, offering a moneyline of 2.141 for Oakland, underscoring the potential value of betting on them as the underdog in this series.

As for score predictions, anticipation sees Houston at 4 and Oakland at 7, suggesting a possible upset given Oakland's favorable trends and pitcher's current form. However, confidence in this prediction rests at approximately 41.1%, showcasing that while trends provide insight, the ultimate outcomes remain uncertain on this competitive MLB night. With both teams eyeing a reversal of fortunes, fans can expect an electrifying encounter on July 23.

Houston injury report: B. Sousa (out for season - Shoulder( Jun 08, '24)), C. Javier (out of season - Forearm( Jun 16, '24)), J. Urquidy (out for season - Forearm( Jun 08, '24)), J. Verlander (Early July - Neck( Jun 18, '24)), K. Graveman (out for season - Shoulder( Jun 21, '24)), L. Garcia (Mid July - Elbow( Jun 08, '24)), L. McCullers Jr. (Early July - Forearm( Jun 08, '24)), O. Ortega (Late July - Elbow( Jun 08, '24)), P. Murfee (Mid July - Elbow( Jun 08, '24)), V. Caratini (Ques Tues - Hip Flexor( Jul 23, '24))

Out indefinitely: K. Tucker

Oakland injury report: D. Hernaiz (Early July - Leg( May 15, '24)), K. Waldichuk (out for season - Elbow( Jun 04, '24)), L. Medina (Early Aug - Elbow( Jul 13, '24)), P. Blackburn (Mid July - Foot( Jun 04, '24)), T. Gott (out for season - Elbow( Mar 24, '24)), T. Soderstrom (Late July - Wrist( Jul 11, '24))

Out indefinitely: D. Jiménez, E. Ruiz, J. Wilson, R. Wood, T. Stripling


Arizona Diamondbacks at Kansas City Royals

Score prediction: Arizona 3 - Kansas City 8
Confidence in prediction: 71.3%

As the MLB season unfolds, the stage is set for an intriguing matchup on July 23, 2024, as the Arizona Diamondbacks take on the Kansas City Royals in the second game of a three-game series. The Royals enter this contest as favorites, with a 53% likelihood of victory according to Z Code’s statistical analysis and simulations. However, there's an underdog narrative for the Diamondbacks, indicated by a 3.00 Star rating on Arizona, suggesting significant value in their potential at +1.5 spread bet.

Arizona heads into this game with a 25-26 record on the road this season, which will mark their 53rd away game overall. The team is managing a challenging situation, currently on a road trip that spans five of six games, having suffered a painful loss yesterday against the Royals, finishing with a score of 4-10. This recent defeat stings but might serve as a motivator for the Diamondbacks to bounce back robustly in the coming outings. Pitcher Jordan Montgomery will take the mound for Arizona, bringing a 6.44 ERA and not being included in the Top 100 rankings, which may raise some concerns amongst fans about his effectiveness on the road.

On the other hand, Kansas City is riding high after yesterday's convincing win against Arizona. With their current home record standing at 56 games played, the Royals are proving to be a formidable opponent during their home trip of five out of nine games. Alec Marsh, pitching for Kansas City, comes with a respectable 4.52 ERA. While he hasn't made the Top 100 rankings either, he has the advantage of momentum on his side, as the Royals are on a healthy four-game winning streak and fans have seen consistent performances across past games that have built their confidence as favorites.

Notably, the historical context of this matchup shows that Arizona has only emerged victoriously in 7 of the last 17 meetings against the Royals. This record raises questions about their ability to reclaim a win amidst their current struggles. Additionally, Kansas City has shown remarkable performance indicators, boasting a perfect win record when taking the favorite's spot in their last five games and covering spreads continuously during that stretch. However, despite Kansas City's higher probability of winning, it is noteworthy that the calculated likelihood for the Diamondbacks to cover a +1.5 run spread stands at a striking 78.1%, indicating that the game could be closely contested and possibly decided by a single run.

As both teams look toward their futures—Arizona gearing up for matchups against the Pittsburgh Pirates and Kansas City preparing to face the Chicago Cubs—it will be essential to see who harnesses the momentum prevalent in their recent games to establish control over this series. While the Royals are hot and the Diamondbacks seek redemption, early expectations suggest a rough day for Arizona’s offense against Kansas City’s effective bats. Based on the statistical analysis, the score prediction stands at Arizona 3, Kansas City 8, reflecting a confidence level in prediction around 71.3%. Keep an eye on this matchup, where both teams will be eager to sway favor and embrace any aspiring postseason ambitions.

Arizona injury report: B. Walston (Late Aug - Elbow( Jul 14, '24)), D. Jameson (out for season - Elbow( Jun 08, '24)), E. Rodriguez (Early June - Shoulder( Jun 08, '24)), J. Montgomery (Prob Tue - Knee( Jul 23, '24)), K. Nelson (out for season - Shoulder( May 03, '24)), M. Kelly (Mid Aug - Shoulder( Jun 24, '24))

Kansas City injury report: D. Altavilla (Mid Sep - Oblique( Jul 05, '24)), J. Taylor (Late June - Bicep( Jun 08, '24)), K. Wright (out for season - Shoulder( Jun 08, '24)), M. Melendez (Late July - Ankle( Jul 16, '24))


Chicago White Sox at Texas Rangers

Score prediction: Chicago White Sox 2 - Texas 9
Confidence in prediction: 79.1%

### Game Preview: Chicago White Sox vs. Texas Rangers - July 23, 2024

As the Chicago White Sox face off against the Texas Rangers in the second game of their four-game series, significant analytical trends and insights suggest a favorable outlook for the home team. According to Z Code statistical analysis and game simulations, the Texas Rangers are positioned as solid favorites with a 62% chance of victory. This solid prediction comes with a notable 4.50-star rating favoring the Rangers, who hold a respectable home record of 26-23 this season.

The context of this matchup deepens when considering the teams' current sequences. The White Sox are on a road trip that covers 5 out of their last 7 games, emphasizing their challenging away performance in chasing their objectives. Conversely, the Rangers are enjoying a home trip of a similar nature, indicating they are in a more advantageous position as today marks their 52nd home game of the season.

On the mound, Chicago will be relying on Garrett Crochet, who stands out at 16th in Major League Baseball's Top 100 rating and boasts an impressive 3.02 ERA. Conversely, Texas will counter with Jon Gray, who, despite not being ranked among the Top 100, has a decent 3.96 ERA. The pitching matchup appears to favor Chicago slightly in terms of individual pitcher performance; however, the Rangers' offensive form should not be overlooked.

Regarding recent performance, the Rangers are in a mixed streak of wins and losses, having won three of their last five games, including a narrow victory (4-3) against the White Sox in their most recent encounter. The historical perspective also favors Texas significantly; of the last 20 meetings between these two teams, the Rangers have won 14.

Betting lines indicate that Texas sits at a moneyline of 1.737, presenting an inviting opportunity for bettors eyeing a favorable system play on the home side. The Over/Under line is set at 7.5, with projections suggesting a 57.48% chance for the total runs to exceed that threshold, hinting at an action-packed game.

In summary, as both teams head into this matchup amid differing trajectories, all signs point to a strong showing for the Rangers. With the White Sox struggling—having lost their last eight games—today’s game promises an uphill battle for them. A prediction leans heavily in favor of Texas, possibly concluding with a scoreline of Chicago White Sox 2, Texas Rangers 9, carrying significant confidence in this assessment (79.1%). Fans and bettors alike are watching closely as this series unfolds.

Chicago White Sox injury report: J. Leasure (Mid Aug - Shoulder( Jul 20, '24)), J. Scholtens (out for season - Elbow( Jun 09, '24)), M. Foster (Early June - Elbow( Jun 21, '24)), M. Stassi (out for season - Hip( Jun 10, '24)), Y. Moncada (Early Oct - Groin( Jun 09, '24))

Out indefinitely: D. Leone, J. Lambert, M. Clevinger, M. Soroka

Texas injury report: E. Carter (Early July - Back( Jun 04, '24)), J. deGrom (Mid July - Elbow( Mar 22, '24)), J. Jung (Early July - Wrist( May 18, '24)), M. Scherzer (Ques Tue - Arm( Jul 22, '24)), T. Mahle (Mid July - Elbow( Apr 03, '24))

Out indefinitely: A. Pruitt, C. Bradford, C. Coleman, C. Winn, D. Dunning


Boston Red Sox at Colorado Rockies

Score prediction: Boston 5 - Colorado 9
Confidence in prediction: 44.7%

As the Boston Red Sox clash with the Colorado Rockies on July 23, 2024, a fascinating subplot looms over the matchup. The betting lines have the Red Sox favored, yet contrary calculations from ZCode suggest that the Rockies are the true contenders to win. This contradiction stems from the statistical model’s emphasis on historical performance rather than prevailing public sentiment or sportsbook odds, making it clear that fans and analysts alike should be wary of potential surprises in this series.

Looking specifically at the season's performance, the Red Sox boast a solid record, standing at 29-21 on the road thus far. This contest will mark Boston's 54th away game of the season as they navigate a lengthy road trip where they have already experienced some ups and downs. Meanwhile, the Rockies are engaged in a home trip of their own, now playing their 54th game at Coors Field, looking to capitalize on their familiar surroundings. Both teams come into this matchup striving to build momentum, but the Red Sox are mired in a mixed recent streak of results, recording four losses in their last five outings.

On the mound, Cooper Criswell will take the ball for the Red Sox. Although he’s been a contributor to the team, his 4.50 ERA has not placed him among the league's elite this season. At the same time, the Rockies will counter with Ty Blach, who’s struggled as well, sporting a 5.46 ERA. Both pitchers are outside of the Top 100 Ratings, and how they perform on this critical day could heavily influence the game’s outcome.

The latest trend heading into this contest shows Boston struggling, recently falling to the Rockies and the Dodgers in consecutive matchups. Colorado, however, has managed to pull off a tight victory against the Sox in the first game of this three-game series, capturing momentum just as they prepare to face their visitors again. Historically between these clubs, the Red Sox have the edge, with 12 wins in their last 20 meetings, yet circumstances seem ripe for an upset this time around.

Interestingly, while sportsbooks lean heavily on Boston, savvy bettors may find value in Colorado as an underdog. The odds on Boston’s moneyline sit at 1.626, but the Rockies come into this game riding the momentum of covering the spread in their last five outings as underdogs. Given their home advantage and recent performance, Colorado represents a solid underdog play, drawing attention from sportsbooks as a potential attractive bet.

Ultimately, based on the data presented, while Boston is favored by the bookies, a compelling prediction suggests that Colorado could tilt the scoreboard in their favor, leading to an anticipated score of 9-5 in their favor. Confidence in this prediction sits at a modest 44.7%, reflecting both the volatility of the current season and the head-to-head intrigue that characterizes this matchup. As the game unfolds at Coors Field, keep an eye on the unexpected — this clash certainly has the makings of a thrilling baseball showcase.

Boston injury report: C. Murphy (out for season - Elbow( Jun 08, '24)), L. Giolito (out for season - Elbow( Jun 08, '24)), L. Hendriks (Early August - Elbow( Jun 08, '24)), T. Story (out for season - Shoulder( Apr 18, '24))

Out indefinitely: B. Mata, C. Martin, G. Whitlock, J. Slaten, T. Casas, V. Grissom

Colorado injury report: A. Senzatela (out for season - Elbow( Jun 08, '24)), D. Bard (out for season - Elbow( Jun 08, '24)), E. Diaz (Ques Tues - Calf( Jul 23, '24)), L. Gilbreath (Early June - Elbow( Jun 08, '24)), N. Jones (Late July - Back( Jul 13, '24))

Out indefinitely: G. Marquez, J. Beck, K. Bryant


Partizan at Dynamo Kiev

Game result: Partizan 2 Dynamo Kiev 6

Score prediction: Partizan 1 - Dynamo Kiev 2
Confidence in prediction: 80.1%

### Match Preview: Partizan vs. Dynamo Kyiv (July 23, 2024)

As the 2024 soccer season heats up, all eyes will be on the upcoming clash between Partizan and Dynamo Kyiv. Scheduled for July 23, this match promises to be a thrilling battle as both teams jostle for positioning. According to Z Code Calculations, Dynamo Kyiv stands as a solid favorite with a 61% chance to secure victory against their opponents. With expectations high, this matchup features an exciting dynamic especially for fans who relish competitive encounters.

Dynamo Kyiv has demonstrated resilience in their recent performances, carrying a solid fan-favorite status as indicated by their strong metrics: they boast an impressive 100% win record when viewed as the favorite in their last five games. Recent form shows a precarious balance; despite losing 2-3 to Union Berlin and freshly winning 1-0 against Mamelodi Sundowns, Dynamo Kyiv’s home advantage cannot be understated, and their status reflects well on their capability to create opportunities.

Conversely, Partizan is on a challenging road trip, currently facing a demanding run of six consecutive away matches. Their recent record indicates inconsistency with a mix of results, managing a win against Napredak (1-0) while suffering a defeat against the stronger side of CSKA Moscow (0-3). Furthermore, statistical guidance points to an 84.15% chance that Partizan can cover the +1 spread, implying they may very well keep things tight against their formidable opponents.

The betting markets have set odds for Partizan's moneyline at 6.300, indicating that they are considered clear underdogs. Despite this, there is a significant chance for the game to be closely contested, with recommendations suggesting a low-confidence underdog pick for Partizan. As for the Over/Under line, it sits at 2.5, with projections supporting a high likelihood (67.56%) for the Under. This indicates expectations of a defensive matchup and perhaps limited scoring opportunities.

As we analyze hot trends leading up to the match, it's worth noting that Dynamo Kyiv has excelled in favorite status recently. An intriguing statistic reveals that Dynamo Kyiv has covered the spread 80% of the time in their last five outings as favorites, reinforcing their grip as potential victors. For bettors looking for value, it might be wise to weigh the odds carefully in an arena where preparation, momentum, and home support will play critical roles.


### Score Prediction

In what promises to be a closely contested match, our prediction leans favorably towards Dynamo Kyiv securing a narrow victory over Partizan. Expect a final score of Partizan 1 - Dynamo Kyiv 2, marking this significant clash with high stakes and fervid anticipation as the teams face off on the field. Confidence in this prediction attributes an 80.1% accuracy rating, reflecting careful consideration of current form, statistics, and recent trends. Which team will ultimately rise to the occasion? Only time will tell as the excitement unfolds.


Philadelphia Phillies at Minnesota Twins

Live Score: Philadelphia 0 Minnesota 0

Score prediction: Philadelphia 6 - Minnesota 5
Confidence in prediction: 46.6%

**MLB Game Preview: Philadelphia Phillies vs. Minnesota Twins (2024-07-23)**

As the Philadelphia Phillies prepare to take the field against the Minnesota Twins for the second game of this three-game series, both teams bring distinct challenges and insights into the matchup. According to Z Code Calculations, the Phillies enter this contest with statistical backing as a solid favorite, holding a 62% chance to secure a victory. With a road record of 26-21, Philadelphia’s performance away from home has been commendable throughout the season, although they seek to bounce back after suffering a 2-7 loss to the Twins the previous day.

This matchup is particularly critical for both squads as they navigate their respective trip sequences. The Phillies are currently engaged in a road trip stretch of 5 out of 6 games, while the Twins are on a home trip, presenting their 51st game in the Twin Cities. Key starters will determine the outcome; for the Phillies, ace right-hander Zack Wheeler takes the mound. Renowned for his prowess, Wheeler boasts a 2.70 ERA and ranks 5th in the Top 100 Pitcher Ratings this season. In stark contrast, the Twins will counter with Simeon Woods Richardson, who, despite his regular improvements, has yet to break into the Top 100 Ratings, maintaining a 3.51 ERA this year.

Bettors will find the odds favoring the Phillies slightly at a moneyline of 1.683, and statistical projections indicate a significant opportunity for the Twins, with a calculated 65.60% chance to cover the +1.5 spread. Philadelphia's recent form—marked by a streak of wins and losses—has fans and analysts both puzzled and hopeful. Notably, their last seven contests culminated with a loss to the Twins but included an impressive shutout against Pittsburgh just before. On the flip side, the Twins showcased resilience, bouncing back from a series of up-and-down performances, whose latest victory, while compelling, came at the backdrop of inconsistency in previous outings.

Analyzing their historical matchup reveals Philadelphia’s slight edge, with the Phillies capturing 9 of the last 17 meetings. After falling short yesterday, they’re poised to regroup, while the Twins hope to maintain momentum and assert their dominance over the series. As the Over/Under line sits at 8.5, the expected trajectory projects a 57.52% chance to go Over, additional context for those planning on betting.

In summary, expect a competitive clash as the Phillies aim for redemption and the Twins look to solidify their triumph. With a predicted scoreline of Philadelphia 6, Minnesota 5, this game has the makings of an edge-of-your-seat contest, but for all the head-to-head records and stats, the turbulence of the season delivers uncertainty and excitement. Confidence in this prediction stands at 46.6%, marking this game as one that could sway in either direction depending on the performances delivered on the mound and at the plate.

Philadelphia injury report: L. Ortiz (out for season - Ankle( Jul 16, '24)), Z. Wheeler (Prob Tue - Back( Jul 23, '24))

Out indefinitely: D. Covey, M. Rucker, S. Turnbull, T. Walker

Minnesota injury report: A. DeSclafani (out for season - Elbow( Jun 08, '24)), D. Duarte (out for season - Elbow( Jun 08, '24))

Out indefinitely: B. Stewart, C. Correa, C. Paddack, J. Miranda, J. Topa, K. Farmer, K. Funderburk, R. Lewis


TNS at Ferencvaros

Game result: TNS 0 Ferencvaros 5

Score prediction: TNS 2 - Ferencvaros 2
Confidence in prediction: 39.6%

### Match Preview: TNS vs. Ferencvaros - July 23, 2024

The matchup between TNS and Ferencvaros promises to be an intriguing encounter, with the bookmakers favoring the Hungarian club significantly. As per Z Code’s statistical analysis and game simulations, Ferencvaros possesses a robust 78% chance of prevailing in this contest — an indication of their strengths as they play at home this season. With a moneyline of 1.140, expectations are high for Ferencvaros to deliver a strong performance.

TNS, meanwhile, enters this match on a two-game road trip, aiming to secure vital points away from home. They have shown promise with their recent performance, including a 1-1 draw against Decic and a 3-0 win over them prior to that. Despite the backdrop of their road challenges and the pressure that comes with playing away, TNS has managed to keep competitive. The calculated chance to cover the +2.5 spread stands at 71.80%—an indication that they might play tough despite the odds heavily favoring their opponents.

Ferencvaros is also coming into this match smelling slightly of inconsistency, with their recent performances including three draws followed by two wins and one loss. Their last two matches ended in draws, 2-2 against West Ham and 1-1 against CSKA 1948 Sofia, demonstrating solid but not dominating form. They have their sights set on their next matchup against Debrecen after this game, further intensifying their motivation to deliver a solid performance at home.

The over/under line is set at 3.5, and there’s a projection of 65.08% for the “Under”, indicating a possible tightly contested match rather than a goal-fest. This aligns with the anticipation that Ferencvaros can edge out a victory by a slim margin, given that there’s a notable 72% chance of this being a close encounter likely decided by a single goal.

This game presents a classic case of a potential Vegas Trap. The public trend leans heavily toward one side, creating a swirl of anticipatory excitement but also caution, as line movements could suggest a different reality at play. Observing shifts in betting lines leading up to kick-off will be crucial in separating genuine insights from misleading traps.

In what promises to be a tightly contested match-up, my score prediction sits at TNS 2 - Ferencvaros 2, a reflection of the competitive nature both teams have recently displayed. As skeptical as this prediction might look against overall analyses, it embodies the uncertainties and complexities often associated with such match-ups, especially in the realm of soccer. Confidence in this score prediction holds at 39.6%, perpetuating the idea that anything can happen in the beautiful game.


Baltimore Orioles at Miami Marlins

Live Score: Baltimore 1 Miami 4

Score prediction: Baltimore 7 - Miami 5
Confidence in prediction: 47.7%

### Game Preview: MLB - Baltimore Orioles vs. Miami Marlins (July 23, 2024)

As the Baltimore Orioles take on the Miami Marlins in their three-game series opener on July 23, 2024, the game is set to be an interesting match-up, especially considering the dynamics of both teams. According to the ZCode model, the Orioles hold a solid 59% chance of winning this contest, pointing to their current status as the favorites. However, Miami’s underdog odds suggest that they could generate a strong performance, particularly at home, with an underdog value pick rated at 3.00 stars pointing towards potential betting opportunities for those seeking value in the underdog.

In terms of current performance trends, the Marlins arrive with a mixed bag of results. Over their last six games, Miami has oscillated between wins and losses, winning three out of six. Comparatively, the Orioles have had a rollercoaster trip as well – they currently sit at 20-33 at home this season and will be embarking on their 50th away game of the year. Baltimore recently faced a tough series against the Texas Rangers, emerging with an 8-4 win but falling short in their subsequent game, losing 3-2. On the flip side, Miami's latest outings saw them lose a closely contested game against the New York Mets 6-4 before bouncing back to clinch a 4-2 victory in the previous game of the series.

Key individual performances will also play a crucial role in deciding the outcome. For the Orioles, Albert Suárez will be taking the mound, boasting a commendable 2.82 ERA this season, although he’s not listed in the top 100 ratings. The Marlins will be banking on their home-field advantage, having recently covered the spread in 80% of their last five games as underdogs, further complicating the narrative for Baltimore. With Miami seeking to extend their competitive streak, and Baltimore looking to establish a foothold on their road trip of 4 out of 6, this game becomes particularly significant for both teams.

While the calculations suggest a contest that may concluded with Baltimore edging out at a score prediction of 7-5, there’s an intriguing element to consider: the potential Vegas trap at play. The public sentiment might heavily lean towards the Orioles due to their status as favorites, yet changes in betting lines as game time approaches might hint towards a different outcome.

With the possibility of a nail-biter where run differences converge, Miami’s +1.5 spread sits at a calculated covering chance of 81.25%. For bettors looking to seize an opportunity on the undervalued Marlins, this game presents a low confidence underdog value pick with the potential to deliver.

Overall, fans and analysts alike can expect a tightly contested game against the backdrop of these trends and statistics, with the potential for any surprise that would further add to what has already been an unpredictable MLB season.

Baltimore injury report: D. Coulombe (Late Sep - Elbow( Jul 13, '24)), F. Bautista (out for season - Elbow( Jun 08, '24)), J. Means (out for season - Elbow( Jun 13, '24)), K. Bradish (out for season - Elbow( Jul 11, '24)), R. O'Hearn (Que Tue - Knee( Jul 21, '24)), R. Urías (Out Tues - Neck( Jul 23, '24))

Out indefinitely: T. Wells

Miami injury report: D. Head (out for season - Hip( Jun 19, '24)), E. Perez (out for season - Elbow( Jun 08, '24)), J. Luzardo (Mid Aug - Back( Jun 23, '24)), J. Simpson (Mid July - Elbow( Jun 08, '24)), S. Alcantara (out for season - Elbow( Jun 08, '24))

Out indefinitely: B. Garrett, D. Myers, R. Weathers, S. Sanchez


New York Mets at New York Yankees

Live Score: New York Mets 0 New York Yankees 0

Score prediction: New York Mets 3 - New York Yankees 6
Confidence in prediction: 45.6%

### MLB Game Preview: New York Mets vs. New York Yankees – July 23, 2024

In a highly anticipated clash, the New York Mets will take on their city rivals, the New York Yankees, in the first game of a two-game series at Yankee Stadium. The matchup is not only significant due to the rivalry but also presents an intriguing dynamic as both teams approach the mid-summer stretch. According to Z Code Calculations, the Yankees are the solid favorites, boasting a 61% chance of victory. This matchup has been assigned a 3.00-star pick for the home favorite Yankees and a low-confidence 3.00-star underdog pick for the Mets, setting the stage for what could be a thrilling encounter.

The New York Mets enter this game with a record of 25-22 on the road this season, while the Yankees will look to defend their home turf in their 52nd game at Yankee Stadium. Currently on a road trip consisting of 5 out of 6 games, the Mets are hoping to shake off their inconsistent form, which recently showed a W-L-W-L-L-W trend. Meanwhile, the Yankees, coming off a mixed bag of results, are also looking for consistency. They won against Tampa Bay but fell flat in the previous game as they look to capitalize on playing at home.

Starting on the mound for the Mets is José Quintana, who is ranked 54th in the Top 100 this season with a 4.13 ERA. Conversely, Luis Gil will take the mound for the Yankees, holding a more favorable rating at 19 in the Top 100 and a solid 3.17 ERA. This pitching matchup could be a critical factor in determining who takes the win, as the performances of quality starters often influence tight games. According to the bookies, the odd for the Mets' moneyline stands at 2.415.

While the trends indicate that the odds may favor a Mets victory tonight, historically, the Yankees have had the upper hand over their metropolitan rivals in their last 19 matchups, with the Mets claiming victory in just 11 instances. Evaluating the last few performances, the Yankees displayed some inconsistencies, but solid recent outings by Quintana may translate to a competitive edge for New York in terms of pitching.

Interestingly, this game is regarded as a potential "Vegas Trap," with heavy public betting on one side mirrored by movement in betting lines toward the opposite. Observers are encouraged to monitor your betting decisions closely as game-time approaches, utilizing line reversal tools to gauge any shifts in sentiment and betting action.

At the heart of this matchup, a very tight game is expected, possibly decided by a single run, with an 81% likelihood that the Mets can cover the +1.5 spread. The confidence in score predictions slightly favors the Yankees as they are anticipated to defeat the Mets 6-3, albeit with a relatively low confidence level of 45.6%. As these storied franchises face off once more, fans on both sides are in for a captivating night of baseball action in the Bronx.

New York Mets injury report: D. Smith (out of season - Elbow( Jul 07, '24)), K. Senga (Late May - Shoulder( Apr 10, '24)), R. Garrett (Late July - Elbow( Jul 10, '24)), R. Mauricio (out for season - Knee( Feb 14, '24)), S. Fujinami (Late July - Shoulder( Jul 07, '24)), S. Marte (Mid July - Knee( Jun 25, '24)), S. Reid-Foley (Mid July - Shoulder( Jun 22, '24))

Out indefinitely: B. Raley

New York Yankees injury report: C. Poteet (Early July - Tricep( Jun 18, '24)), I. Hamilton (Mid July - Back( Jun 18, '24)), J. Davis (Ques Tue - Illness( Jul 22, '24)), J. Loaisiga (out for season - Elbow( Apr 06, '24)), J. Trevino (Late July - Quadricep( Jul 13, '24)), L. Trivino (Late July - Elbow( Jul 12, '24)), N. Burdi (Mid June - Hip( Jun 23, '24))

Out indefinitely: A. Rizzo, C. Schmidt, G. Stanton, J. Berti, J. Brubaker


RFS at Bodo/Glimt

Game result: RFS 0 Bodo/Glimt 4

Score prediction: RFS 1 - Bodo/Glimt 2
Confidence in prediction: 74.8%

### Game Preview: RFS vs. Bodo/Glimt - July 23, 2024

As the soccer world turns its attention to the highly anticipated matchup between RFS and Bodo/Glimt on July 23, 2024, the odds and statistics paint a clear picture of this contest. According to Z Code Calculations, steeped in thorough statistical analysis since 1999, Bodo/Glimt emerges as a solid favorite with a notable 74% chance of victory over RFS. Having performed admirably at home this season, Bodo/Glimt's fortress will be a challenging environment for the visiting RFS side.

Currently, RFS is in the middle of a road trip, with this match constituting the second of four games away from home. The challenges of travel and the home advantage enjoyed by Bodo/Glimt suggest that the deck may be stacked against RFS. While RFS comes off a couple of impressive performances against Larne, winning both encounters decisively at 4-0 and 0-3, the stark contrast in the form of their upcoming opponents cannot be ignored.

Bodo/Glimt’s recent form illuminates their potent capabilities, with a record of W-L-W-W-W-D over their last six matches. They faced Odd on July 19, emerging with a 3-1 victory, although they took a temporary setback in a 1-2 loss to Sandefjord a week prior. As the team gears up for an upcoming clash against K. Oslo, the squad is likely motivated to maintain momentum in league play. The current odds of 1.290 for Bodo/Glimt are encouraging, largely leaning towards a parlay system as the matched odds align with another anticipated winner.

Hot trends reveal further insights: Bodo/Glimt boasts an impressive 67% winning rate over their last six games and 80% in cases where they hold favorite status. As the team readies itself to take the pitch in front of their faithful supporters, confidence in their ability to secure a victory is further solidified. Deploying one of the best home records signifies a high chance for Bodo/Glimt to control the game, pairing support from the stands with strong performances on the field.

In summary, predictions for this clash lean heavily in favor of Bodo/Glimt, with the odds presenting a strong opportunity for a system play. The expected scoreline edge suggests RFS may struggle, projecting a final tally of RFS 1 - Bodo/Glimt 2. With a confidence level of 74.8% in this forecast, the stage is set for a captivating contest on July 23.


Klaksvik at Malmo FF

Game result: Klaksvik 1 Malmo FF 4

Score prediction: Klaksvik 0 - Malmo FF 2
Confidence in prediction: 59.8%

### Game Preview: Klaksvik vs. Malmo FF (July 23, 2024)

As we approach the matchup between Klaksvik and Malmo FF on July 23, 2024, intriguing dynamics are at play. According to the ZCode model, Malmo FF emerges as the clear favorite with an impressive 88% chance to secure victory at home. Their local advantage, coupled with solid performance lately, makes them a formidable opponent for the visiting Klaksvik, who are currently on a tough road trip.

Malmo FF’s recent form adds confidence to their cause. They come into this match on a mixed but promising unbeaten streak of W-L-W-D-W-W, which highlights their capability to bounce back after setbacks. Noteworthy performances included a thrilling 4-3 win against Sirius and a narrow loss against Mjallby. As they round out this segment of fixtures, looking towards their upcoming match with Sirius again, Malmo’s momentum appears critical to their ambitions for further success this season.

In contrast, Klaksvik, despite being on a road trip for the second consecutive game, has also shown some resilience. Their results have been less dynamic, marked by a recent 0-0 victory over Differdange and a similar 2-0 win on the home turf. However, the stark differences in competition levels faced by both teams intend to play a significant role come match day.

The odds bode well for Malmo FF as reflected in the moneyline, landing at 1.100. Additionally, there's a supported analysis toward a 54.62% chance that Klaksvik will cover the +2.5 spread, which reinforces how they may present challengers against slight margins. On the scoring front, the over/under line sits at 3.5, where the projection leans towards the under at 59.68%. Such numbers highlight caution considering the team's performances.

Given the prevailing narratives, we cannot ignore the potential for the game to become a "Vegas Trap." Public sentiment saturates heavy betting on the favorite, yet any line shifts closer to the game could signal a reconsideration of outcomes. Remaining vigilant using Line Reversal tools may shed light on any emerging trends leading up to kickoff.

Taking into account all analyzed factors – favorable metrics for Malmo and mixed results from Klaksvik – my score prediction anticipates a controlled outcome of Klaksvik 0 - Malmo FF 2. With a 59.8% confidence in this prediction, it's expected that Malmo's edge, particularly at home, will wrap up a defining victory in their favor.


Petrocub at APOEL

Game result: Petrocub 0 APOEL 1

Score prediction: Petrocub 1 - APOEL 2
Confidence in prediction: 33.4%

As the UEFA qualifying stages heat up, the matchup between Petrocub and APOEL on July 23, 2024, promises to be an intriguing contest. According to the ZCode model, APOEL enters this game as a solid favorite with a 66% chance of victory, highlighted by a 4.50-star advantage for the home team. In contrast, Petrocub earns a mere 3.00-star status as the underdog, emphasizing the uphill battle they face. Compounding their challenges, Petrocub is currently engaged in a two-game road trip, raising concerns about their overall form as they head into this crucial encounter.

The odds also reveal stark contrasts in the team’s recent performances. Petrocub’s latest results showcase a streak that includes only one win, characterized by a "D-L-L-L-L-W" record, culminating in their last match—a 2-0 loss to Maccabi Tel Aviv. On the other hand, APOEL has displayed more resilience, managing a recent draw with a tight 0-0 result against AEK Larnaca followed by a hard-fought 1-1 against Radnicki 1923. This form lends credibility to the odds provided by the bookies, which list Petrocub's moneyline at a hefty 8.200. Notably, however, Petrocub has shown the potential to cover the +1.5 spread with a calculated probability of 77.99%, keeping them in the mix and indicating they could make it a closer contest than anticipated.

One notable trend affecting the odds is the classification of APOEL as a 'hot team' stated in reports, where teams with a recent record of 4 and 4.5 stars in 'Burning Hot' status go 74-38 in the last 30 days. This characterization might influence betting patterns with a range of 78% likelihood that this will be a tight contest, often decided by a single goal. The current Over/Under line is set at 2.5, with projections showing a high inclination towards the 'Under' at 62.36%. This could suggest expectations of a tightly contested match where goals are at a premium.

In light of all this analysis, a moneyline bet on APOEL seems enticing at 1.466. However, it's crucial for bettors to remain vigilant of possible Vegas traps, where public betting may slant heavily one way but the odds shift oppositely—a phenomenon that could forecast unexpected outcomes. As kick-off approaches, it will be crucial to monitor line movements for clearer indications of match expectations.

Consequently, the anticipated score prediction leans toward a close match, with Petrocub projected to land on 1 goal while APOEL edges out on 2. However, the confidence in this prediction stands at 33.4%, indicating that while APOEL is favored, Petrocub can still muster a challenge. Fans and bettors alike should brace for an engaging game filled with suspense and strategic play.


Kiwoom Heroes at Doosan Bears

Game result: Kiwoom Heroes 3 Doosan Bears 6

Score prediction: Kiwoom Heroes 8 - Doosan Bears 7
Confidence in prediction: 63.8%

This game has an interesting controversy. According to the bookies the favorite based on the odds is Kiwoom Heroes however based on ZCode calculations the real predicted game winner is Doosan Bears. Let this not confuse you. We base our predictions on the historical statistical model not on what bookies or fan crowd think of the odds.

Kiwoom Heroes are on the road this season.

Kiwoom Heroes: 49th away game in this season.
Doosan Bears: 54th home game in this season.

Kiwoom Heroes are currently on a Road Trip 4 of 4

According to bookies the odd for Kiwoom Heroes moneyline is 1.690. The calculated chance to cover the +0 spread for Kiwoom Heroes is 85.68%

The latest streak for Kiwoom Heroes is W-L-L-L-L-L.

Next games for Kiwoom Heroes against: @Doosan Bears (Dead)

Last games for Kiwoom Heroes were: 7-2 (Win) @SSG Landers (Average Down) 21 July, 3-9 (Loss) @SSG Landers (Average Down) 19 July

Next games for Doosan Bears against: Kiwoom Heroes (Dead Up)

Last games for Doosan Bears were: 3-6 (Loss) @LG Twins (Burning Hot) 21 July, 7-16 (Loss) @LG Twins (Burning Hot) 19 July


SSG Landers at KT Wiz Suwon

Score prediction: SSG Landers 4 - KT Wiz Suwon 7
Confidence in prediction: 59.3%

According to Z Code Calculations, based on statistical analysis since 1999 The KT Wiz Suwon are a solid favorite with a 62% chance to beat the SSG Landers.

They are at home this season.

SSG Landers: 52th away game in this season.
KT Wiz Suwon: 50th home game in this season.

KT Wiz Suwon are currently on a Home Trip 4 of 4

According to bookies the odd for KT Wiz Suwon moneyline is 1.490. The chance to cover the spread in this game is too low so flat pick is not recommended.

The latest streak for KT Wiz Suwon is L-W-W-W-W-W.

Next games for KT Wiz Suwon against: SSG Landers (Average Down)

Last games for KT Wiz Suwon were: 8-2 (Loss) NC Dinos (Burning Hot) 21 July, 0-6 (Win) NC Dinos (Burning Hot) 19 July

Next games for SSG Landers against: @KT Wiz Suwon (Burning Hot Down)

Last games for SSG Landers were: 7-2 (Loss) Kiwoom Heroes (Dead Up) 21 July, 3-9 (Win) Kiwoom Heroes (Dead Up) 19 July


Caliente de Durango at Monterrey

Score prediction: Caliente de Durango 6 - Monterrey 9
Confidence in prediction: 64.9%

According to Z Code Calculations, based on statistical analysis since 1999 The Monterrey are a solid favorite with a 72% chance to beat the Caliente de Durango.

They are at home this season.

Caliente de Durango: 26th away game in this season.
Monterrey: 30th home game in this season.

According to bookies the odd for Monterrey moneyline is 1.460. The chance to cover the spread in this game is too low so flat pick is not recommended.

The latest streak for Monterrey is L-L-W-W-L-W.

Last games for Monterrey were: 5-7 (Loss) @Laguna (Burning Hot) 21 July, 1-3 (Loss) @Laguna (Burning Hot) 20 July

Last games for Caliente de Durango were: 10-11 (Win) Aguascalientes (Average Down) 21 July, 15-1 (Loss) Aguascalientes (Average Down) 20 July


Toros de Tijuana at Dos Laredos

Score prediction: Toros de Tijuana 3 - Dos Laredos 4
Confidence in prediction: 62.4%

According to ZCode model The Dos Laredos are a solid favorite with a 60% chance to beat the Toros de Tijuana.

They are at home this season.

Toros de Tijuana: 41th away game in this season.
Dos Laredos: 42th home game in this season.

According to bookies the odd for Dos Laredos moneyline is 1.700. The calculated chance to cover the +0 spread for Toros de Tijuana is 60.00%

The latest streak for Dos Laredos is W-W-W-L-W-L.

Last games for Dos Laredos were: 12-5 (Win) @Chihuahua (Ice Cold Down) 21 July, 12-1 (Win) @Chihuahua (Ice Cold Down) 20 July

Last games for Toros de Tijuana were: 0-7 (Win) Monclova (Average) 21 July, 3-2 (Loss) Monclova (Average) 20 July


Mexico at Leon

Score prediction: Mexico 8 - Leon 3
Confidence in prediction: 62.9%

According to Z Code Calculations, based on statistical analysis since 1999 The Mexico are a solid favorite with a 79% chance to beat the Leon.

They are on the road this season.

Mexico: 41th away game in this season.
Leon: 39th home game in this season.

Mexico are currently on a Road Trip 7 of 7
Leon are currently on a Home Trip 4 of 4

According to bookies the odd for Mexico moneyline is 1.340. The chance to cover the spread in this game is too low so flat pick is not recommended.

The latest streak for Mexico is L-W-W-W-W-W.

Last games for Mexico were: 5-9 (Loss) @Veracruz (Average) 21 July, 6-0 (Win) @Veracruz (Average) 20 July

Last games for Leon were: 2-7 (Win) Campeche (Average Down) 21 July, 0-3 (Win) Campeche (Average Down) 20 July

The current odd for the Mexico is 1.340 which gives a perfect chance to include it in 2-3 team parlay with similar odds.


Quintana Roo at Campeche

Score prediction: Quintana Roo 5 - Campeche 11
Confidence in prediction: 67.1%

According to Z Code Calculations, based on statistical analysis since 1999 The Campeche are a solid favorite with a 55% chance to beat the Quintana Roo.

They are at home this season.

Quintana Roo: 39th away game in this season.
Campeche: 40th home game in this season.

According to bookies the odd for Campeche moneyline is 1.720. The calculated chance to cover the +0 spread for Quintana Roo is 78.32%

The latest streak for Campeche is L-L-W-W-L-W.

Last games for Campeche were: 2-7 (Loss) @Leon (Burning Hot) 21 July, 0-3 (Loss) @Leon (Burning Hot) 20 July

Last games for Quintana Roo were: 4-1 (Loss) Puebla (Ice Cold Up) 21 July, 1-2 (Win) Puebla (Ice Cold Up) 20 July


Laguna at Jalisco

Score prediction: Laguna 11 - Jalisco 7
Confidence in prediction: 41.4%

According to Z Code Calculations, based on statistical analysis since 1999 The Laguna are a solid favorite with a 54% chance to beat the Jalisco.

They are on the road this season.

Laguna: 34th away game in this season.
Jalisco: 44th home game in this season.

According to bookies the odd for Laguna moneyline is 1.600. The calculated chance to cover the +1.5 spread for Jalisco is 86.00%

The latest streak for Laguna is W-W-L-W-L-W.

Last games for Laguna were: 5-7 (Win) Monterrey (Average Down) 21 July, 1-3 (Win) Monterrey (Average Down) 20 July

Last games for Jalisco were: 4-5 (Loss) @Saltillo (Average Up) 21 July, 2-3 (Loss) @Saltillo (Average Up) 20 July


Tabasco at Oaxaca

Score prediction: Tabasco 5 - Oaxaca 14
Confidence in prediction: 36.5%

According to Z Code Calculations, based on statistical analysis since 1999 The Oaxaca are a solid favorite with a 54% chance to beat the Tabasco.

They are at home this season.

Tabasco: 37th away game in this season.
Oaxaca: 36th home game in this season.

Tabasco are currently on a Road Trip 5 of 6
Oaxaca are currently on a Home Trip 2 of 2

According to bookies the odd for Oaxaca moneyline is 1.700. The calculated chance to cover the -1.5 spread for Tabasco is 84.00%

The latest streak for Oaxaca is L-W-W-L-W-L.

Last games for Oaxaca were: 5-6 (Loss) @Yucatan (Ice Cold Up) 21 July, 10-6 (Win) @Yucatan (Ice Cold Up) 20 July

Next games for Tabasco against: @Veracruz (Average)

Last games for Tabasco were: 8-9 (Loss) @Queretaro (Burning Hot) 21 July, 4-7 (Loss) @Queretaro (Burning Hot) 20 July

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