What is Zcode MLB, NHL and NFL Line Reversals Tool? [+video]

Zcode Line Reversal tool is an incredible helpful indicator on how the line moves and how the odds change through the day. It will help you identify the sharp money moves and avoid betting against Vegas. It also shows you vegas public percentages on your teams. Make sure you watch the easy video tutorial to understand how it works.

  1. LIVE real time odds and charts.
  2. No 30 minute delays, all is LIVE
  3. No middlemen - odds come directly from the bookie
  4. No extra fees - free for zcode VIP members
  5. AUTO-UPDATE - no need to refresh the page
  6. Oneclick switch to the next game. No time waste with navigation
  7. Calendar - lets you go check lines from yesterday games or older games
  8. ODDS in TWO formats - friendly to US and EU members
  9. NO CONFUSIONS: we clearly write which team you see, if it is underdog or favorite
  10. PUBLIC Percentages are shown on the chart!

Zcode Line Reversals Easy Video Tutorial: Sharp money moves, Smart money moves. Easy to understand tutorial how to use the tools from zcode line reversals:

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