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DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
DateTeam 1 (Away)Team 2 (Home)ScoreOdd 1Odd 2
23rd Mar 2023, 14:0000ProspectsEndpoint1:12.2321.620
23rd Mar 2023, 10:0000ProspectsInsilio1:11.6202.232
22nd Mar 2023, 09:0000ProspectsLDLC1:11.8001.950
21st Mar 2023, 14:00HONORIS00Prospects0:11.7502.010
18th Mar 2023, 14:00BIG OMEN Academy00Prospects0:22.6201.460
16th Mar 2023, 14:00B800Prospects2:11.7002.080
12th Mar 2023, 14:0000ProspectsBoston Crab2:11.8701.870
9th Mar 2023, 08:00BIG OMEN Academy00Prospects0:12.0321.744
5th Mar 2023, 06:30PALOMA00Prospects2:01.6702.138
4th Mar 2023, 14:00Nexus Gaming00Prospects1:21.8301.975
4th Mar 2023, 05:0000Prospects9INE1:23.7201.260
3rd Mar 2023, 06:3000Prospectsmouz NXT0:22.3301.570
2nd Mar 2023, 12:00Blink Team00Prospects0:12.6201.460
1st Mar 2023, 14:00Eternal Fire Academy00Prospects0:03.0401.360
1st Mar 2023, 13:0000ProspectsPartizan Esports2:12.1381.670
1st Mar 2023, 06:3000ProspectsAstralis Talent2:12.3301.570
28th Feb 2023, 09:3000ProspectsEntropiq2:11.7502.010
27th Feb 2023, 15:0000ProspectsHaspers Team1:01.1505.100
25th Feb 2023, 09:3000ProspectsApeks0:22.7961.410
24th Feb 2023, 14:00HONORIS00Prospects2:02.1381.670
24th Feb 2023, 07:0000ProspectsGamerLegion0:23.7201.260
21st Feb 2023, 05:00TENSTAR00Prospects1:23.2801.310
18th Feb 2023, 07:00Los kogutos00Prospects2:02.8701.420
15th Feb 2023, 14:0000ProspectsExen Esports1:01.2603.720
7th Feb 2023, 14:0000ProspectsPartizan Esports0:12.6201.460
31st Jan 2023, 09:0000ProspectsEYEBALLERS0:12.2721.600
31st Jan 2023, 05:0000ProspectsDynamo Eclot0:12.1881.630
30th Jan 2023, 13:00mouz NXT00Prospects1:12.2151.630
25th Jan 2023, 05:00Team Falcons00Prospects1:11.5802.310
23rd Jan 2023, 14:00SNOGARD Dragons00Prospects0:13.7001.250
22nd Jan 2023, 08:00INVSN00Prospects0:12.2321.620
20th Jan 2023, 08:00Partizan Esports00Prospects2:01.9101.830
19th Jan 2023, 12:00THUNDR00Prospects0:03.8001.240
19th Jan 2023, 05:0000ProspectsEYEBALLERS0:02.0821.710
18th Jan 2023, 10:3000ProspectsHONORIS1:01.7801.970
16th Jan 2023, 05:00ENCE Academy00Prospects0:02.3301.570
14th Jan 2023, 04:30ALTERNATE aTTaX00Prospects1:12.0301.730
12th Dec 2022, 07:3000ProspectsMASONIC0:11.5602.358
9th Dec 2022, 14:3000ProspectsEndpoint1:12.5951.480
9th Dec 2022, 07:00Into The Breach00Prospects1:11.7502.030

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